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YGW Sweepstakes 2024

Join the YGW Sweepstakes!

Grand prize of a trip to Yerushalayim or $10,000, with the price of a ticket starting at $1.

Prize Details:

  • ($15,000 value)
  • Roundtrip airfare to Israel for six.
  • A week in a luxury five-star apartment in the heart of Jerusalem (excluding Pesach and Sukkos)
  • And $1,000 spending money
  • Or choose $10,000 in cash

How it works:

  1. There are 360 tickets of ascending price, from $1 to $360
  2. You commit to buying a ticket and then scratch it to reveal its actual price
  3. Of the 360 tickets sold, 1 lucky winner will win a trip to Yerushalayim!
  4. Please understand we cannot provide any refunds.

Instructions: Proceed to checkout on the next page, where you’ll first add your credit card info and then scratch your ticket to reveal how much you’ll be charged